High-grade Slit Lamp without a cable

Innovative Design: No cables are exposed. Even the power supply cable is concealed.
Conventional power cable from the chinrest to the light housing has been eliminated ‒ now neatly concealed inside the slit lamp body.
30GL looks neat and compact with no exposed cables, giving a sleek look with an innovative design.

New LED Optimized Slit Lamp

One of the best advantages of LED illumination is that affected anatomy and structures of the eye can now be more clearly and visibly seen because the peak wavelength of LED light appears in the region which is more sensitive to the human eye.
We haven’t simply replaced the halogen light source with an LED type, 30GL has been designed and engineered from scratch to accommodate the new superior LED lamp.
LED optimized 30GL provides brighter and sharper light.

Reduction of the Characteristic
Blue Light of LED

The LED slit lamp with a color temperature of 3500 K provides brighter and sharper light than halogen.
A 1-element high-luminance LED is used for 4ZL. It provides uniform and even light compared to multiple element LEDs.

The projected light is soft and easy on patients’ eyes by reducing the peak of the characteristic blue band spectrum of LED.

High-performance Greenough Microscope
The convergent binocular tubes ensure easy fusion and stress-free observation.

Extended Slit Length
The diameter of the slit length is extended to 14mm from 10mm. This allows 30GL to illuminate a wider area of the anterior segment.

Magnification Changer
30GL is fully equipped with a 2-step magnification changer that offers 10x and 16x powers; magnification can be easily changed with the magnification change lever. With the use of 16x eyepieces, total magnification can be increased up to 25x.

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